sábado, diciembre 13, 2008

HeLlO bLoGwOrLd!

Hi, i'm new in this blog thing, I've seen millions and love most of them so I decided to try start my own, I'm from Mexico City, 18 years old, student of Advestisement Design (well I start Feb 09) and a FASHION LOVER. I love clothes, the way fashion represents a person, give us style and show the way we are or how we want to be, clothes, shoes, bags, necklaces... are for me ART "WeArAbLe ArT", designers make amazing pieces that we see on runways, some celebrities and lucky peolpe that can afford them! Designers are our inspiration but not only designers, everything can be an inspiration to us: magazines, music, food, weather, sports... but what inspire me the most are blogs, normal people that try to make their lifes fashionable, well not so normal people, amazing people because they show the world their style, their point of view in life and are not afraid of criticism. So in this blog I'll try to show you a little bit of my life, my world and of course my passion: Fashion, I'll bring you some mexican culture and all the things I love, the trends I like and some that not so much!, how I pull out my style, well I'm still trying to found it hehe, things I think you should definitely check out and... well you'll see.

Hope you like it!