viernes, diciembre 04, 2009

i WaNt To Be A DoLl...

Who didnt' played with a Barbie doll when we were young?

I loved them... her clothes, shoes and hair...

And I just love more this SPECIAL edition Christian Louboutin did! Check her shoes! So tiny and well done!!!

The doll is not my favourite but the box, the book and THE shoes are so detailed and creative, I love the art in everything!

martes, diciembre 01, 2009

<3 cOsMiC mUtiNeEr!

I just FELL in LOVE with this guy and his look OMFG!

For me it's just PERFECT! Don't you wish all guys were exactly like this?... I dO!

Top Man are bringing back the seventies with this collection. The British brand is taking a look back at the glam rock imagination of the seventies.

Prints are everywhere, with lots of color, shine and stylized figures. And purple is a big color in this new line and the model, what else could you ask for...?