miércoles, enero 07, 2009

BeSt DrEsSeD 2008!

I got the best dressed list according to "WhoWhatWear" but I only choose my favourite ones.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.- they are always trendsetters but I personally prefer MK style, always fabulous.

Emma Watson.- this girl has become a style icon, always polished, impecable and very Chanel I guess that's why she has now a Chanel Perfume Campaign comming!

Chanel Iman.- oh one of my favourites style icons, I absolutely love her style from runways to everyday life, she's always right with her pieces!

Carine Roitfeld.- being Paris Vogue editor-in-chief she obviously has to be in this list, what else can I say!

Rihanna.- besides being an music idol, she has become an style icon too from her hair to toe she shows her fierce and eclectic personality!

Rachel Bilson.- also one of my favourites style icon, she has this natural, fresh but stylish look that I love, she always looks good even if she's only going for a walk!

So, what do you think?

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