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GeT MeDiA CrEdEnTiAls!

Getting out into the real world and brings your blog to the next level… it’s intimidating, but Tierra M Wilson, breaks down how to get your media cred and how not to blow it.

If you haven't heard about Tierra here's her bio in her own words:

A lot of people wanna know what I do for a living and it’s hard to explain, but I can say I am living my dream. I work from home full time a Professional Fashion Blogger and Social Media Consultant…I focus on interior design, art, retail, fashion, jewelry, style, beauty, lifestyle, and luxury items. I also help clients within my target audience with brand building and social media marketing. With over six year experience in the Information Technology Industry, I decided to merge my two loves together…fashion and technology.

So here are eight guidelines to getting the media credentials that you deserve as a fashion blogger:

Get from behind the computer
So many fashion bloggers confine themselves to their computers and cut their opportunities to get offered media access to local fashion events and shows. Get from behind the computer and get out there by attending local events and supporting local designers. So many fashion industry professionals will be excited to give your readers an inside look into their lines or boutiques.

Attend the right eventsSome events every fashion blogger should attend locally include boutique openings, local museum lectures and exhibits on fashion, trunk sales, apparel conventions, and fashion parties. Bring your business cards and be prepared to network with industry professionals.

Localize your contentSometimes as fashion bloggers we fail to reach out to local readers. Use one post a week or month to talk about fashion events and news in your area. It’s great to cover New York Fashion week but what about local Fashion Week, sales at local events and new boutique openings? Incorporate those into your blogging editorial calendar and make your blog the spot for news and events in your area.

Get more out of your Social Media Footprint
It’s important to use at least 30 minutes of social media networking to search for other users and fashion bloggers from your area. Use twirl to search for tweets that include keywords of your city and follow those tweeters. Are other users or bloggers talking about a local fashion event? If so, make plans to meet them at the event and exchange information.

Contact Local Fashion Event Organizers
One of the easiest ways I got a full media pass to a local fashion week in my area was by contacting the event organizers and offering to cover the event on my blog. They immediately sent a media credential application over to me and gave me full access. Most fashion events will not turn down coverage and support from fashion bloggers because of the influence blogs have on consumers. If you are just getting started, another way to get media credentials is to offer free advertising space on your blog in exchange for media access; you’ll soon find that not many people will turn down free advertising.

Be prepared to defend your rightUnfortunately, traditional media and some organizers won’t be very supportive of a fashion blogger taking up media space at the end of the runway with a digital camera; but you have a right to be there. Be prepared to explain what a blog is, how many readers you have, how you will use the content, and how important fashion blogging is to the industry.

I got in, now what?Be professional! Use a quality camera to take pictures of event happenings, post information within 24 hours , email posts to organizers and boutique owners, and stay until the end to absorb as much information as possible. Another effective method is to go backstage and get interviews with the “forgottens” like makeup artist, stylist, and runway organizers. And most importantly, have the correct tools of your trade including business cards, cell phone, pen, and a notebook.

Never….…forget to attach your blogger resume to media access applications, bring friends unless given permission, leave an event too early, give a “diss” review, leave your business card at home, misspell names, or forget to send thank you emails or letters to the appropriate people.

Before you now it you’ll be considered as a legitimate part of the media and have more invitations and samples than you will know what to do with!

Good Advice don't you think?


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