viernes, febrero 06, 2009

ThE vOgUe TaLeNt CoNtEsT 2009!!!

For over 60 years, the Vogue Talent Contest for Young Writers has been one of the UK's most prestigious writing awards. Many established journalists started their careers after entering the contest, and recent winners have gone on to become successful poets, playwrights, authors and members of Vogue's staff. So, what are we looking for in a young writer? Wit, creativity, originality and stylish writing.

What's the prize? £1,000, plus a month's paid work experience at Vogue, with £500 for the runner-up!!! Are you kidding me? This really are PRIZES, you even get paid for being in Vogue! Dream job...

How to enter:

1.Write about a personal memory. This could be a memory of an extraordinary event, place or person, or simply something that resonated deeply (800 words maximum);
2.Write a short feature article - either a contemporary arts review, a fashion trend piece or a piece of social observation (800 words maximum).

Accompanying your entry should be a passport-sized photograph of yourself, attached to a sheet of paper listing your name, permanent address, telephone number, date of birth and occupation. The judging panel will include Vogue's editor Alexandra Shulman, senior members of the magazine's staff, guest editors and writers. Finalists will be invited to a lunch at Vogue with the judges, after which the winner will be decided.

Closing Date: April 14, 2009

So wanna try?


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  1. thanks, for the commemt, your pofile says your's from mexico.
    Hablas español? bueno obiamente.
    to put youtube videos in your blog you just simply copy the html code from thhe video [which can be found next to the video on it's youtube page] and then paste it on the htlm section of your comment when you are writing it.

  2. this seems really exciting! I think i'll enter