jueves, septiembre 23, 2010

MacarOns +FashiOn= Ion Fiz

Hellooooooooooooooo, hello again blogworld! :D

It's been ages I know, I've been around, not they way I should but I really will!

This time I bring you this collection I fell in love with, the entire of it, it's from Ion Fiz, a spanish designer and was presented in the Cibeles, Madrid SS 2011 with lots of expectations and of course lots of congratulations, was one of the most crowded runways and I have no doubt why.

I find it impecable, the inspiration was the french sweet Macaron, so delicious and delicate and also kind of tricky and hard to make, we can see it in all the pieces, from the colours: vanilla, light pink, turquoise even grey but a yummy grey! The flawless of the fabrics and just the construction was spectacular, I really want the entire collection wrapped in box with a bow like right now! :D

It's really inspiring to discover this designers that move your feelings so much, hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still doing!

lOve and rOckets!

pssst! the first one is my favourite, well hard to say this but the most catchy! :P

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  1. Love the outfits! The first one is my favorite too! :o)



  2. love these thanks for sharing xxxx

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  4. I like the collage in your header!:)


  5. What a great collection!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  6. Good review. I really love all clothes and models of course, because without them everything will be impossible.

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  7. muy buen post!
    1besazo enorme guapa
    xxx =P

  8. I love this colection it's gorgoeus,,thanks for sharing, i love watching like these shows.

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