domingo, diciembre 21, 2008

THE sHoEs!

OMG! I have THE shoes, the impossible shoes, I call them like that because I though I woludn't be able to own them, I saw them in Zara like about 3 weeks ago and love them cause they look very similar to the ones Victoria Beckham wore for the Marc Jacobs ads and they were in special price: just 400 pesos (like 45 dlls) but that day there wasn't my size so I return 2 days after and they were gone! the saleperson told me they were sold out! I was like :/ so I decided I'll look for them so I went almost every Zara store in Mexico City and everywhere they told me tha same son at the end of the day I was extermely sad and mad.

I was already getting over my failed shoe hunting but my aunt asked me to go with her to the mall to pay her credit card and we were about to leave but she said let's go to Zara to see the shoes and right immediatly I entered I saw them I was SO HAPPY I wanted to shout and there was mi size but if not I swear I'll buy them in another one, I don't know if that had happened to you but they become like an addiction like a goal you have to reach no matter what, yeah I'm a little bit intense but I guees it comes from family cause my aunt has a pair of lovely shoes size 4 (she's size 5) and bought them just because she fell in love with them and want to own them even though she'll never use them!

So here are the shoes, I know they aren't very awesome but I just LOVE them even though it was a journey to find them!

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