miércoles, diciembre 17, 2008

My HaiR!

Hi I just wanna show you some of my personality that I reflect on my hair, I've done so much things with it, I used to have it really really long until I was like 12, then have it in a "normal" way, when I turned 15 I had my first "colour thing", I got this highlights, very few, then like a year after I cut it like short the right side and long the left one, some time after it grows it looked kind of weird so I cut it the same long again, then for my high school prom I got hair extentions but only like for a week cause I couldn't handle them! then I got the classic bob style then I got it dyed in hot pink but my hair grows really fast so 2 weeks ago I went to the stylist and have it cut really really short that even the pink went away!

I kind of miss my long hair! Now that I found the pictures of the old me!

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