lunes, diciembre 15, 2008


Hi, I saw the DIY lipgloss on so I decided to try and I got a decent lipgloss, I really like it. You should definitely check out this blog, really inspiring! One of my favourites, love her hair and her outfits obviously.


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  1. Hey! I got your comment, I didnt know if I should reply in spanish or english (confusing!) but since you asked in english, I´ll do it in english.

    I moved to montreal after highschool for a year to learn french, and decided to stay afterwards.
    My style while I live in Mexico was not at all like it is today, there is SO MUCH MORE to choose from here in Europe, there is not much selection where I used to live (Irapuato, Guanajuato), so I used to go to Leon and shop there at Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear and stuff like that, Zara was my fav tho!, still is one of my favs(I hate bershka now)
    I know what you mean about mini skirts, even know that I ve been living in Europe for like 3 years, I LOVE WEARING MINI SKIRTS! and shorts, but in a stylish way, not tacky, but then when I go to Mexico for holidays, I just dont bother wearing them, or Ill get men screaming: werita! in the streets, WHICH IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING! So when I go back home, I stick to jeans and stuff like that, I hate being stared at in a sexual way, it freaks me out, specially with albañiles, haha!
    Men there are not used to seeing legs I guess so when they do, they become dogs!

    Ive always like fashion and since I lived there I used to wear hats and different pieces, some people used to make fun of me, but I didnt give a rats ass to be honest, they can say whatever they want, I am free to wear whatever I like!
    Thats what I love about Europe, you can wear whatever you want and people just wont care, so its way more free.
    Last Xmas I went home and I was wearing really high heels and a big (chanel style) hat, people at the mall were staring at me like I was crazy or something, but I t actually looked great, so wear whatever you like girt, they are just jealous!

    have any more questions?? u want to write in spanish or english??

  2. Hago editoriales de moda para revistas y diseño de imagen para comerciales y asi, apenas empecé el año pasado pero en Holanda, como es tan chiquito, es mas facil darte a conocer ya despues puedo regresar a Mexico y rogarles de rodillas que me contrated en Vogue haha... Tu sigue vistiendote como tu quieras y que te valga lo que digan..

    Estudie diseno de interiores(pero solo la mitad de la carrera) luego me fui a Canadá, regresé y empecé Diseño de mODAS, pero me salí para venirme a Europa, acá estudie un curso en diseño de imagen y estoy pensando en entrar a modas acá otravez para terminar pero todavia no me decido..

  3. omg, thank you so much...i am so flattered. and SO HAPPY that you made your own gloss! the color looks very pretty and i'm glad it came out well for you. thank you so much again...i really am touched you like my site. <3