martes, febrero 10, 2009

WiNtEr HaTs...

Well obviously I know winter is over and now is all about Spring trends but I just found this designer that makes very original winter hats!
I guess we can wear this head accesories in any season because as we have this crazy weather... one day it's so hot and the other freezing!

So here it is Emilie Zanon, a 27-year-old French designer and her truly original collection of head accessories called chapkas, her designs (along with the help of excessive use of recycled fabrics) have this extra-terrestrial shapes.

Zanon describes her inspiration for this collection to be simply the observation of people in the street, trying to protect themselves not only from the cold but also from the different sources of pollution surrounding them. She created a warm and comfortable world for them to hide peacefully. It’s fascinating to see such inspiration not only translated in her collection, but also in the photographs of her pieces.
Don't you love this ammount of creativity?

2 comentarios:

  1. wow! los sombreros están asombrosos! los amoo!
    incribles creaciones!!! encantaría tener unoo! :D

    jeje, grax por visitarme, si q si! el 14 tmb es d la amistad xD! asiq a celebrar!!!! :D!!!

    pasala genial tu tmb, saludotes!

  2. Geniales esos gorros aunque los veo algo incomodos!!
    Gracias por el comentario!!
    Te pasare a visitar.
    Un beso.